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Orchestrating a new subscription dining experience

ChewCrew subscriptions convert infrequent restaurant visitors into loyal, higher spending customers who return month after month.

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Thanks! We'll reach out shortly.

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We've Got Your Restaurant Covered

For all the burdensome components of building and managing your subscription program, we've got you covered.

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Subscription landing page

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Customer sign-up process

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Recurring customer billing

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Tracking and updating monthly subscription credits

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Software integration with your Clover Point of Sale device

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Customer plan changes, cancellations, and general support

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Clover App Demo

Patron Sign-Up Process

ChewCrew Subscriptions

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The Power of Subscriptions

Subscription meal offerings increase patron retention and loyalty while simultaneously adding an additional stream of predictable, monthly recurring revenue for your business.

Amplified Loyalty Spending: On average, patrons spend $40 more per month after subscribing with our restaurant partners.

Increased Retention: With a monthly subcription, customers return to dine with you multiple times per month, month after month.

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Recurring Revenue: Collect predictable revenue every month before you incur the cost of food or labor, helping with cash flow.


Dining Out, Redefined

Last year, the National Restaurant Association found that over 50% of patrons surveyed would subscribe to a restaurant if they had the opportunity to do so.

For your Patrons

Subscribe to a monthly plan at your restaurant

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Receive monthly meal or drink credits

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Redeem credits on the items specified in your subscription plan. 1 credit = 1 item.

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Membership Portal

After subscribing, your customers will be able to access a custom web-based portal to:

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Easily change or cancel plans

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View important subscription information (credits available, credit reload date, etc.)

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Redeem subscription credits using their unique Membership ID, which is synchronized with your Clover device

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We deliver data-driven results with full transparency

Track the most valuable analytics about your subscription program, to include monthly recurring revenue, number of redeemed/expired credits, additional loyalty spending per subscriber, and more.

Proven Benefits

On average, our restaurant partners enjoy:

$3 of additional loyalty spending per $1 of subscription revenue


A $40 monthly increase in spending for subscribing patrons


Thousands of dollars of predictable, Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)


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Oh, and speaking of numbers that get us excited...

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For every month each of your customers subscribes, we donate a fresh, warm meal to someone experiencing homelessness.

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Sign Up your Restaurant

We can get your subscription program up and running at no cost in less than a week with minimal staff training required.


3 Month Free Trial to launch and grow your subscription program, then $58 per month + normal processing fees

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1. Submit your email 📧

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Thanks! On to step 2 :)

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2. Customize your Subscription Plans 💰

Customize your membership tiers and pricing. We'll jump on a quick call to talk through the details and get your program ready for launch!

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3. Install our app on your Clover device 🍀

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4. Launch & Grow 🚀

After we set up your landing page and provide QR codes for customers to easily scan and learn about your program, you'll be ready to start spreading the word!

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