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Welcome to your
Smoothie Subscription 🎉

Membership Portal  🥳

You should have seen an email come in with some account information for your Smoothie Subscription membership portal (check spam if not). Through your portal, you'll be able to view your unique Membership ID that is used to redeem your smoothie credits at Array of Sun. We recommend bookmarking your membership page so you can easily access relevant membership information at any time.

Redeeming Smoothies  😋

To redeem a smoothie, simply let us know that you're part of our Smoothie Subscription Program and we'll use your Membership ID to discount the full cost of your smoothie with up to 1 add-on.

Meal Donation  🙏

Because you joined our Smoothie Subscription, we'll donate a warm meal on your behalf (this month & every subsequent month you're part of the Program) to someone experiencing homelessness. We greatly appreciate your support in serving those who need it most!


If you ever have any questions about your Smoothie Subscription or want to change or cancel plans, you can do so here. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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