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Welcome to the
Rise Cafe Club ☕

Every month you subscribe, we donate a warm, fresh meal to someone experiencing homelessness.

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How it Works

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Rise Cafe Club

Receive exclusive Club perks and discounts

Enjoy the elevated Rise Cafe Club experience

Rise Cafe Club

$13 per month

Cancel anytime.

Unlimited Free Drip Coffee, Fountain Drinks, & Tea

20% Off All Specialty Beverages

20% Off All Desserts

Early Access to Rise Cafe VIP Events

Monthly Specialty Recipes and Kitchen Tips from the Rise Cafe Culinary Team

  • How do the meal plans work?
    When you subscribe to a meal plan at a restaurant, you will receive monthly meal credits that can be redeemed for 100% off any entrée at that restaurant. 1 meal credit = 1 entrée.
  • Can I change meal plans or cancel my membership at any time?
    Yes. To change or cancel your membership, fill out this short form here.
  • Do my meals credits roll over if I don't use them every month?
    We know that some months are busier than others. Any unused credits will roll over to the following month's cycle, but expire on the following credit reload date. Any bonus credits, including those earned from the referral program or six-month billing opt-in, will not roll over.
  • How do I redeem a meal credit?
    To redeem a meal, just show your membership ID from your portal page to a restaurant team member and they will remove the cost of any entrée from your order. For now, meal credits can only be redeemed in-store or over the phone.
  • How does billing work for a meal subscription?
    Your billing cycle will begin on the day you sign up for a plan and you will automatically be billed every month thereafter on the same day until you change or cancel plans. Your first meal credit(s) will be loaded into your account at the end of the day that you subscribe to a meal plan and reload on the same day of every month.
  • Can I redeem more than 1 meal credit per visit?
    You betcha! Dining with friends and family is always more fun. On any given visit, you can redeem as many meal credits as you have available.
  • Are there any ways I can earn additional meal credits?
    Yes - we currently offer two ways for subscribers to earn free meal credits. If you refer a friend to subscribe to a meal membership (and have them enter your membership ID as a referral code at checkout), both you and your friend will receive 1 free meal credit. Additionally, if you choose to change from monthly membership billing to six-month billing, you will also receive 1 free meal credit.
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